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Island Ceilings

Our ceiling systems are lightweight and meet or exceed code. Every single ceiling showcases crisp and clean edges with numerous LED lighting options with quality, design, and function being #1.

"JV" Island Ceilings are available in numerous configurations and are coupled with the proper faced material, which you have unlimited options to.​

  • Stainless Steel (#4 Satin finish, mirrored, non-directional)

  • Muntz/Bronze clear lacquered (aged, antiqued, acid etched)

  • Laminates (WilsonArt, LaminArt, Formica, Chemetal, Moz)

  • Wood Veneer (wide variety and finishes)

  • Aluminum Frame Ceilings (variety of ceiling panels)

  • Serpentine Ceiling (cost effective compared to drywall systems)


No matter the design, we're here to showcase your investment.

Standard Finishes
Additional Finishes

Lighting Options

We stock standard lighting systems from Man-D-Tec, Draka, and more. For fast and easy pick-up without the wait.

  • Man-D-Tec, Draka, i2systems, Focal Point, Phillips Color Kinetics

  • Light Coves (Any material - Stainless Steel, Bronze, Wood, etc.)

  • Perimeter Lighting, Accent Lighting, Wall Grazers

  • All lighting is fully dimmable with battery back-up options

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